Culture Cream
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Get cultured. eat culture cream.



Our story

Culture Cream started from a passion for flavors and fermenting. Katiushka Melo, creator of Culture Cream is an artist, a chef and a spice collector. For years, Katiushka had been hosting supper clubs at her house, finishing the dinners with home made ice cream. Katiushka has also been an avid fermenter of all things, including kombucha and kefir. It didn’t take long before the two ideas merged and she began serving up living ice cream, and to the delight of her guest and fans, Culture Cream was born.

Our ice cream

Culture Cream is a living ice cream that has many fermented processes that occur before churning, so it's full of probiotics and therefore easier to digest and good for the gut. 

All ice cream and popsicles are handmade from the very best ingredients. Ingredients are carefully sourced from local farmers so flavors are seasonal and always changing. We believe its important to support our local farmers. We brew the kombucha and kefir used in the base from scratch.



our mission

Living ice cream is probiotic making for a healthy treat and maintaining gut health. get cultured. eat culture cream.